Why Choose Us?

We'll get you the best possible outcome

Jennings Mortgages is a broker and underwriter of loans and that's not just home and investment loans. Our product range goes a lot further than you'd probably think.

Any type of loan to suit you

We can set up car loans, personal loans and renovations, re-finances and debt consolidation, asset finance, commercial and business loans, self-managed super funds, wealth management services and solicitors, you can therefore think of us as your one stop shop.

Simple and stress free loans

Here at Jennings Mortgages we pride ourselves in trying to simplify the loan process and making it as stress free as we possibly can, we work by a 9 step process which we try and keep to.

Authorised Credit Representatives

We are authorised credit representatives who are able to find a suitable lender from a list of over 30 affiliated lenders, and a product to meet your needs. Once the loan is set up our relationship manager will continue to manage your loan as long as it remains with the lender and will keep in touch to inform you of any changes and ensure that you are still happy with the loan. If you wish to refinance the loan or change lenders, we are also happy to assist with the process of changing loans.

Special rates, just for you

Something you may not already know is as a broker, we are entitled to special rates. This means we can save you money if you normally just go straight to the bank. In addition, we will assign you a relationship manager, who will personally assist you every step of the way, minimising the delays and confusion associated with the credit seeking process during establishment and for the life of your loan. The best thing about this whole service, you won't pay us a cent.

First Home Buyer?

Let us get you into your new home

Buying your first property can be a daunting experience but finding the right finance doesn't have to be. Let our experienced brokers show you which lenders and loans are best for you and guide you through the process.